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Curious Inky Me

Linocut Printmaker


Clare is a Fine Artist, specialising in linocut printmaking.

Clare creates intricate, original artworks that reflect the changing seasons, and how this can be mirrored in our human experience. Everything in life is transient, constantly changing and evolving, and nothing remains the same. We see this in nature, where plants bloom and wither away, and also in human life, where we grow and change.

I believe that being more present can be a way of embracing this uncertainty. Portraits blended with art nouveau-inspired natural elements and art Deco patterns are infused with colours that represent growth and healing. Circles appear frequently, a symbol of balance and unity, helping calm our minds while also representing the cycles of nature.

I seek to bring comfort and clarity, whether that is a literal affirmation with bold text, tiny messages contained on handprinted affirmation cards or artworks to adorn your walls. I create work that slows us down and uplifts the spirit.