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Jane Orton



I am a jewellery maker and designer, and create in my workshop in Derbyshire I work with Silver and Gold with precious gemstones.

I use traditional bench skills and I am passionate about keeping these skills alive, and feel genuine concern that they are threaten to be replaced by Computer Aided Design.

I have honed my craft over the years. I started with a brilliant technician John Blackburn a good hammer man’, who gave me an indispensable grounding in all the basics of silversmithing. I then went onto study at the Birmingham School of Jewellery, which allowed me to develop my craft to a higher level, and I am still learning from specialist workshops. I work in a Birmingham workshop in Jewellery Quarter one day a week which gives me opportunity work with others.

My jewellery is contemporary with traditional accents – bold and often lending itself to statement. Although some of my pieces can be copious, I have a keen preoccupation with comfort for the wearer. The enjoyment my clients get from wearing my jewellery is as much an imperative as the design and quality in the creation itself. I find I appeal to buyers who like original objects, inspired by art and nature. It’s often a life style choice for them

I focus some of my time on creating bespoke pieces on commission and enjoy close relationship with my clients. The necklace, adorning Theresa May at a European Summit and as she gave her emotional resignation speech outside number 10 I had made but equally I take great pleasure in creating more affordable ranges.