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Lyra Morgan

Paintings that transform spaces through calm, colour and energy


Representing water through paint and process is an ongoing theme. Water is my sanctuary. To me, painting is like swimming, it comes naturally to be immersed in it and to flow with it; I surrender to it and let it take me somewhere new.
Though not always obvious, my paintings are influenced by the serenity of water. I am fascinated by the transient nature of this substance which can take many forms yet it can also be formless. The Japanese concept of ‘Wabi-Sabi’ is prevalent in my work, which is the belief in the positive outcome of serendipity.

I consider myself to be a colourist. The forms and textures are inspired by nature and my artistic ideas are translated with gravity,
colour-dragging techniques and building texture – giving each painting a multi-layered look.

Through my art, I aspire to transform spaces through energy, calmness and colour. I hope that they evoke the calmness I feel when creating them.