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Lyra Morgan

Contemporary Visual Artist


Paintings that transform spaces through calm, colour and energy.

Lyra Morgan’s ‘statement’ paintings evoke the calmness she feels when she creates them, transforming the spaces we live in. Through her love of colour and by embracing wabi-sari, she creates atmosphere by working in layers with mixed media and a unique non-brush technique making her pieces one of a kind. Each piece is instinctively balanced in composition and is created organically and by Lyra being free enough in spirit to allow each work to build through a cycle of evolution.
” I am fascinated with the transient nature of water and its ability to take many forms whether it be a formed yet formless cloud or a flowing river. With my paintings, I hope to manifest the appeal of water’s uniqueness through a variety of ‘scapes’ depicting man-made and natural worlds.”

Art has always played a big role in her life, even at an early age drawing murals behind the back of the sofa, painting her first bike as a fresian cow and at 13, her mum letting her paint her entire room as a lake with an island in the middle!