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Michael Hill

Abstract, mixed media


I have had a lifelong interest in abstract art but with no formal training and with no confidence in being able to produce art of any note the creative process did not start until my latter years prompted by a period of illness.

My art has therefore become a form of therapy and the lack of experience has resulted in an eclectic mix of styles and creative processes.

Hence to put some sense to this and for practical gallery space limitations the work has been split into three broad categories:

Abstract – influenced by modern art of the 20th century to date by such artists as Mondrian, Kandinsky, Paul Klee, Patrick Heron, Terry Frost and John McLean amongst others.

Experimental Work – a “catch all” term to cover the somewhat unusual and quirky processes I have used to create art, e.g. “Canart” from cut outs from metal drinks cans, paint impact techniques using elastic luggage ties (bungees), paint application by board rubbers, use of chicken wire as templates and ordinary everyday objects to produce light sculptures.

Large Work – to date these have been 1.0 x 1.5 metre stretched canvasses falling into both of the above categories. The separate category is justified by the opportunities presented by the larger scale, e.g. the ability for the paint brush to be “swept” more freely across a bigger area, the enhanced visual impact of bold and different colour combinations and the scope for more spontaneous work across the larger surface area.