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Wylde Oake Artistry

Pastel art inspired by the secrets of the woodland


Wylde Oake Artistry is an inter-disciplinary practice born out of a life-long love of the natural world with artistic style being honed through a BA Honours in Textiles and latterly an MA in Fine Art (graduating 2021 and 2023 respectively).

Our work currently seeks to explore and question our human perception of the fungal kingdom within a speculative (Mycocenic) future, in which we become companion species. The distractions and disruption of contemporary life has lead to an often archival format of work that seeks to reveal the mycological secrets of the woodland floors and the urban jungles in which so many of us live. Henceforth, our working process often incorporates photographic, or sketched, documentation, sound recordings and personal experiences that speak of physical interactions, of questioning the toxicity and taxonomy of fungi, and of close observation either within nature or within my studio thus creating pieces that are a deeply personal and subjective rendition of the world in which we coexist. As a direct consecution of creation is a desire to create dialogue around our human interaction with all things fungi, ecological and woodland.

The resulting soft pastel artworks vary from softly rendered botanical fungal forms, their depiction within woodland ecosystems or complex and confusing imagery that seeks to blur the boundaries between nature and our human bodies.