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ARt ChaiRs

Artist and Creative Upholsterer

Second Floor


Moving into a studio at Banks Mill in June 2018 has given me the opportunity and the space to really focus on developing a creative practice around the materials and methods of reupholstery: ARt ChaiRs!
Ripping it up


I create ARt ChaiRs for purchase, exhibition and for hire for film and photo shoots. I occasionally accept commissions, I embrace collaborations.

I’m fascinated by the strong structure and the many layers of materials that are built up during the traditional reupholstery process. To me, the webbing, the springs, the scrim, the traditional stitching in twine, have a true aesthetic value: my work is concerned with revealing these hidden strengths, this hidden beauty.

I’m conscious that many artists have taken the human body as their subject, incredibly diverse work has blossomed from it. As I reupholster furniture I often think in this vein: chairs support the human body, they too have arms, legs, a back, a seat… And us humans can be all front! What lies beneath our conventional layers? We all have hidden strengths, hidden skills, hidden sparkle, hidden sparks …

I love using webbing as a decorative feature, creating stripes, ripples or waves with it.
Sometimes I’ll commission a bespoke print to make an overt connection between the human body and a chair.
Using the stitch and slash technique is another way of alluding to the many layers hidden away beneath a piece of upholstered furniture.

So, can a chair be ‘Art’?
Let’s talk!