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Zaza Lewis

Hand-cut card and textile artist

Forth Floor


I specialise in original artwork, created out of hand-cut paper and a rainbow of coloured fabrics.

At first glance my work has a striking simplicity, but look a little closer and you’ll see the painstaking intricacy that goes into it.

I start with a rough sketch on plain paper or card, but I let my scalpel define the final cuts. The design emerges slowly, as more holes are created. Then comes the process of applying the textiles, which adds vibrancy to each picture, allowing it to develop its own personality.

Many things inspire me: buildings with detailed ironwork or colourful facades, boats, birds, fields – and flowers, of course. I know it’s time to start my next picture when the vision I have in my head gives me butterflies just thinking about it and I can’t wait to get going!

I was originally born and raised in France but have been living in Derbyshire for a number of years. You will see both my French roots and my adopted country – including my own garden – reflected in my work.

I look forward to welcoming you to my new studio on the first floor of Banks Mill, Derby.

As well as original artwork, you can also purchase limited edition prints and packs of greeting cards. I have recently finished several exciting commissions featuring landscapes and buildings of special significance to my clients. There is more information about this on my website.

Virtual Banks Mill Open studios 28-29 November
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