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Natalia Rafi

Luxury Jewellery House

Forth Floor


We provide a fusion of à la mode urban wear with a touch of Natalia Rafi chic.

Natalia Rafi Jewellery is the outcome of a 22 year career in precious metal bench work . Our head jeweller ‘Nat’ started her goldsmith training when she was just 16 years old, a perfectionist that spent the next 2 decades refining her skills whilst working for two reputable UK jewellery houses. Eventually the urge to embrace her own vision became too much, she teamed up with her fellow creative partner “Nick” and set out to make their mark on the industry.

Natalia Rafi is a brand that defies convention and blurs boundaries, we embrace fashion trends whilst aiming to convey our own vision for contemporary jewellery.

At Natalia Rafi we care about the environment, our materials are ethically sourced, using recycled metals where possible. We have taken great care to select suppliers that have good core values, we are not perfect (yet) but we are working every day to reduce our impact on the planet whilst still maintaining our position as a luxury fashion brand.

It is time to make our own mark on the industry.