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New Tropic Pictures

Impact-driven Film Production

Forth Floor


In essence, our work at New Tropic Pictures is rooted in crafting compelling cinema told with meticulous attention to detail as an art form through recognised techniques, aesthetics, and storytelling devices to create immersive experiences for audiences. Our work revolves around the creation of high production value films whilst maintaining a clear distinction from videography and commercial commissioned work by a commitment to producing visually captivating and emotionally resonant narratives. With this, we actively collaborate with students and graduates from the University of Derby, cultivating meaningful opportunities to nurture and develop up-and-coming individuals.

We specialise in creating niche content with evocative imagery and symbolism that reflects our artistic vision and explores various themes close to our hearts, embracing the nature of the medium, pushing boundaries and challenging conventional techniques and workflows. These films delve into the realms of portraying the realities and struggles of working-class societies, questioning the moral standpoints of audiences, exploring the local history that shapes our community and capturing the complexity of human relationships through love, loss and experience.

Moreover, this work is not confined to the boundaries of film festivals alone and we aspire to see our films showcased in mainstream cinemas, reaching wider audiences and garnering recognition for their artistic merits. Through this pursuit, we endeavour to elevate the national profile of the City of Derby and its University as a reputable film school, showcasing the talent and creativity that emerges from its esteemed program.